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FTM - History



Faculty of Travel Medicine

History of the Faculty

Year Event
1999 Concept paper approved by ACTM Council for development of faculties
A/Prof Peter Leggat appointed Interim Chair
2000 ACTM Extraordinary General Meeting approves Faculties on 9 March
ACTM Council establishes Faculty of Travel Medicine on 9 March
A/Prof Peter Leggat appointed Inaugural Chair of the Faculty
ACTM Council approved interim membership guidelines 24 October
2001 Official Launch of the Faculty
Dr Mathew Klein appointed Second Chair of the Faculty
Inaugural Honorary Membership conferred on the South African Society of Travel Medicine
2004 Travel Medicine and Infectious Diseases publishes organization profile
2008 Inaugural Honorary Fellowship conferred on Prof. Robert Steffen
Inaugural ACTM Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Travel Medicine-A/Prof Marc Shaw
2010 Wikipedia page created for the Faculty
Decennial Lecture series held to celebrate 10th Anniversary of the Faculty
Dr Jennifer Sisson appointed Third Chair of the Faculty
2011 Joint Faculties of Travel Medicine/Expedition and Wilderness Medicine formed
Travel Health Advisory Group becomes an ACTM Special Interest Group for Faculty
Faculty website launched (www.travelmedicine.org.au)

FTM - Aims

Category: About the Faculty of Travel Medicine
Published on Thursday, 28 April 2011 Written by Administrator



The aims of the Faculty of Travel Medicine are to:

  • Act as a professional faculty in travel medicine, providing accreditation and re-accreditation in travel medicine;
  • Assist in the production of policy documents on travel medicine;
  • At as a reference body on travel medicine for the College;
  • Formulate a travel medicine section within Annual Scientific Meetings;
  • Develop curriculum guidelines for and assist in delivering training courses in travel medicine;
  • Network with other appropriate organisations in travel medicine;
  • Apply for grants and seek sponsorship for College programs relating to travel medicine;
  • Develop and referee publications in travel medicine on behalf of the College;
  • Maintain an internet site for the College on travel medicine;
  • Seek accreditation for travel medicine programs organised by the College with other professional accreditation agencies;
  • Recognise members who have made a significant contribution to travel medicine through the College Awards and Honours program.

Welcome from the Chairperson


Prof.Peter Leggat

Welcome to the home pages of the Faculty of Travel Medicine (FTM).

The FTM was established in 2000 as the first faculty of travel Medicine globally. The faculty continues to grow and is actively seeking a larger membership base. These pages outline the aims of the FTM as well as giving an overview of membership. We recently entered into a Joint Faculty arrangement with the recently established Faculty of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine and established a Special Interest Group to link the Travel Health Advisory Group (THAG) to the Faculty’s activities. THAG has a useful website aimed at travellers. See link above or

Our regular newsletter "Travel Medicine Briefcase" needs your input and we welcome any submissions of relevant articles for print. These can be submitted to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prof Peter A Leggat, AM
Acting Chair of Faculty of Travel Medicine



General membership of the Faculty of Travel Medicine is open to all members of The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine, who meet the criteria for one of the grades of membership of the Faculty on the menu.

The College has moved to establish three main pathways for Fellowship, two by “examination” and the other by “grandparenting” by examination of a portfolio of work in travel medicine. It is expected that the former will be the main pathways in the future. Experience in travel medicine and demonstrable participation in continuing education are integral to assessment by the College Board of Censors of how applicants meet the requirements for all levels of Faculty professional membership. None-the-less, membership of the Faculty, as for the College, has been designed to be inclusive rather than exclusive for general membership.

Applicants for membership of the Faculty may apply for one of the membership levels using the prescribed form. Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Censors of the College. The requirements for membership and maintenance of membership may be subject to change.

All applicants must:

1. Applicants must also be members of the College.

2. Medical, nursing or equivalent degree qualification must be registerable in the country in which travel medicine practice is currently undertaken. Equivalent qualifications will include those which qualify candidates to undertake some aspect of clinical work in travel medicine.

3. Experience should be supported by two references or by nomination by two members of the Faculty of which one should be a Fellow.

4. Evidence of commitment to continuing education in travel medicine will be by participation in the Faculty’s continuing education program or in a related CME and MOPS programs offered by other approved professional colleges and organisations.

5. A list of acceptable postgraduate qualifications in travel medicine will be maintained by the College. In general, only named courses in travel, geographical and migrant medicine from approved universities and other institutions will be acceptable.

6.The details for the format of the thesis submission may be obtained from the College Secretariat.


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