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The aims of the Faculty of Travel Medicine are to:

  • Act as a professional faculty in travel medicine, providing accreditation and re-accreditation in travel medicine;
  • Assist in the production of policy documents on travel medicine;
  • At as a reference body on travel medicine for the College;
  • Formulate a travel medicine section within Annual Scientific Meetings;
  • Develop curriculum guidelines for and assist in delivering training courses in travel medicine;
  • Network with other appropriate organisations in travel medicine;
  • Apply for grants and seek sponsorship for College programs relating to travel medicine;
  • Develop and referee publications in travel medicine on behalf of the College;
  • Maintain an internet site for the College on travel medicine;
  • Seek accreditation for travel medicine programs organised by the College with other professional accreditation agencies;
  • Recognise members who have made a significant contribution to travel medicine through the College Awards and Honours program.
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